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We took over the brewery from Martin Warren early 2019, this was the first beer that we brewed, a strong maltly low carbonated traditional English ale.

We had first been attracted to Cromer in the late 80’s and had a second home here in 1990, after moving here permanently taking over the brewery was a change in direction and we felt Coddiwomple summed up our situation perfectly as we took the brewery on a new course.

Coddiwomple (6.1%) is a Strong English Ale that I’d like to drink by the bucketful, even if it’d turn my brains to jelly.


To Coddiwonple is to, “travel towards an as yet unknown destination,” something that I will, by the end of this beer, being happily doing.

Imagine a proper ESB with added Brandy, a great big Bitter with a shed load of extra fruity booze.
Got it? That’s this beer.

The malting is fat and full, sticky honey and treacle tart, toffee, brown bread and crunchy biscuits all making for a solid and hearty base.

The hopping is very English, all dandelion and burdock, nettle tea, mown lawns and just a hint of aniseed, all of which is pushed along by a great big smack of chest warming booze that turns this into a beer to settle into your favourite chair with, because once you’re in it, you may not get out until the morning.