Brewing Philosophy

Martin Warren hands over
The handover from Martin Warren (right)

Poppyland Brewery was created by Martin Warren in 2012, his basic philosophy was:

“It has to be fun and it has to pay its way. Apart from that there are no rules”

As custodians of the rich heritage that Martin has established over the past seven years, we are in no doubt that the philosophy should remain the same.

We will look to brew innovative flavoursome beers which we hope you as a customer you will enjoy.

The scale of our operation is such that we don’t need to or want to produce gallons of the same beer, there are plenty of breweries already doing that, we want to experiment using the best of the local produce, refine techniques, use recipes from previous centuries, but most of all produce extraordinary beers that you can savour.

Poppyland Beer BarrelsCurrently eighty percent of the beer produced is bottled with the remaining beer being casked for local pubs, we plan to increase the availability of our cask beers in pubs as everyone likes to visit their local for a pint of “the finest”!

Lastly as a slight departure from Martin’s philosophy we will brew small amounts of beer to order in either bottled or cask format, please contact us with your requirements.

Meet the team

  • Dave Cornell
  • Mandy Cornell
  • Martyn Cornell
  • Faith